Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I have to place the pickaxe and torch?
    Each player starts the game with a pickaxe and a torch, which is stored in his kingdom. During the quest activity phase, he declares which units adjacent to the wastelands are going on a quest. Simply place the torch and pickaxe with these units, roll the six-sided die and move the corresponding number of Wasteland spaces. The village space counts as one, if entering from a bridge or a ship docked in the village space and the dragon lair counts as one if entering from a pass.

  2. Can I buy items from the village before I go on a quest?
    No, you must roll a six-sided die and move the corresponding number of spaces. If you rolled a one, then you would be able to buy items from the village. A quest party doesn't start at the village, you move through the village if you roll greater than one.

  3. Who owns a ship docked at the village harbor?
    No one owns the ship if there are no units aboard. You should drop some units off in the harbor, but leave at least one unit in the ship to bring the ship to safety. This can be done during the naval movement. The units dropped off may then roll a six-sided die during the quest activity phase and move to the corresponding Wasteland space.

  4. What happens to dropped/lost items, do they vanish?
    Yes, if a monster for example defeats a quest party during a quest, all items in the party's possession are removed as well.

  5. Do I have to place the gold on the board if I only own one kingdom?
    No, it is understood that your gold is in the kingdom territory. However, you must place your gold on your kingdom territories if you own more than one.

  6. Can a Wizard teleport on Wasteland spaces?
    Yes, it may transfer to a space occupied by friendly units. A Wizard may also teleport itself and five units from a Wasteland space to a friendly territory or naval blockade during the transfer stage.

  7. What happens to a player's units if his king is eliminated?
    All that player's units become vanquished or neutral. The units remain on the board, but may not move or attack. The vanquished units must be conquered to gain control of any territories, sea zones or Wasteland spaces as per the combat sequence. If all players agree, you may use the "Player Elimination" optional rule. (See Optional Rules Of Play)

  8. Can a unit move more than one ship?
    No, there must be one unit per ship to move during the naval movement phase. However, there is no restriction on how many ships a single unit may guard if the ships are docked.

  9. Does each player complete all seven phases in the action sequence before the next player starts his or her turn or do all players complete phase one before going to phase two?
    A player must complete all seven phases of the action sequence before the next player's turn. In order to speed up the time between turns, the following player may prepare for his or her turn by spending his or her gold ahead of time.

  10. Can I transfer or force-march a treasure from unit to the next?
    No, you may not transfer gold counters or treasures from one unit to the next. If you gain a treasure in the Wastelands, you can give it to a unit in the quest party or place it under a unit in the kingdom. The treasure is now assigned to that unit and may be forced marched to the front during the combat phase or transferred to an adjacent territory during the transfer phase. If a player was able to transfer a gold counter from unit to the next, a player could move a king counter out of harms way.

  11. Can a dragon be destroyed by a Fireball spell?
    No, the Fireball spell has no effect on a dragon.

  12. When can I teleport from a teleportal territory?
    If you have a spell caster in the teleportal territory, you may move your army through the teleportal to another teleportal territory during the combat phase or transfer phase. Think of the teleportal territories as a gateway or tunnel connecting the continents. The teleportal territories are not to be confused with casting a teleportal spell, which must be used during the naval movement phase or the transfer phase.

  13. How does the hope spell effect units that have gone berserk?
    If units have gone berserk, any modifications to their T.A.S. (Total Attack Strength) by spells or treasures are ignored. The inflicted player must roll a six-sided die for each unit in the same territory, naval blockade or Wasteland space. If the player rolls equal to or less than the units' Attack number that unit is removed from play. A spell caster with a Heal spell or a king in the same territory, naval blockade or Wasteland space nullifies the effects of the Berserk spell scroll card.

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