Frequently Asked Questions PART II

  1. Do I have to have a DragonOrb to get a DragonLord?
    No, you can earn a DragonLord in a "Draw Quest Card space". If you have a DragonOrb, you can charm a dragon in the Dragon Lair space or during a quest to become a DragonLord.

  2. Can I leave a territory empty?
    No, you may never voluntarily leave a territory unoccupied. However, vacant territories may result due to mutual losses in battle.

  3. What happens when you have mutual losses resulting in an unoccupied territory?
    Nothing, that territory may be left unoccupied but you can transfer or force-march a unit to claim the unoccupied territory.

  4. Can you move from one edge of the game board to the other?
    No, this world is considered flat.

  5. Can you move more than one quest party into the wastelands?
    Yes, you may move a quest party in each of the wastelands (top and bottom). You may also have more than one quest party in a Wasteland, but you may only move one of them.

  6. Does the kingdom have any effect in battle?
    Yes, if another player is attacking your Kingdom, his or her T.A.S (Total Attack Strength) will decrease by one.

  7. What happens when a unit gets entangled from a spider in the quest activity?
    When a unit gets poisoned and entangled, it may not counter attack the spider. This unit is removed from play if it isn't healed with a potion or Heal spell.

  8. Do you have to buy the units at the start of the game to place on the territories?
    No, you are granted 30 men with four players at the start of the game. Take turns placing the units until all the territories are claimed.

  9. Can you place your men on an island at the beginning?
    No, the only way you may place a unit on an island is if you use your ship during the naval movement phase to transport the unit to the island territory.

  10. Can you put a man on the teleportal territory at the start of the game?
    Yes, all three teleportal territories may be claimed at the start of the game.

  11. Can I place a unit on a bridge?
    No, you can only use a bridge as a place to cross over water.

  12. Can I place a unit on the wastelands?
    No, you must move a unit(s) into the Wastelands from a territory connected by a bridge, a pass or by a ship in the harbor located in the village space during the Quest Activity phase.

  13. Do the creatures in the water affect the game play?

  14. I just bought some men, should I place them now?
    No, you will have to wait until the Place Reinforcement phase at the end of the Action Sequence.

  15. Does a unit in the wasteland count as one gold during the Collect Income phase of your turn?
    No, you receive 1 gold for each territory you occupy and 5 gold for every Kingdom and Gold territory you occupy.

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